Sunday, March 6, 2011

anna went snowshoeing

She fell asleep on her second snowshoeing trip (i put the pictures up in opposite order of their occurrence and was too annoyed with blogger to fix it)
this trail was really neat, through the dark and shaded trees.
oh anna. we had to keep stopping to make sure she was still breathing! she would screech and then fall back asleep.

2 richards. one cute and sleeping. one awake and happy (:
kids in a candy shop. i bought some licorice mallow cremes, but these jub jubs reminded me of bry bry!
teaching anna to drive. its not too soon is it?
little pea, this is right after the first snowshoeing trip and she's so happy!
ahhhh so beautiful! i miss the snow (well the kind in the mountains anyways)

proof that it wasn't torture. (the whole time anyways).

this part was torture. she cried from the minute we put the snowsuit on her until we were going on the trail.

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Breea Heiner said...

You guys always have lots of fun! Jub jubs = yum yum