Saturday, September 18, 2010

growing and changing

this is from like a month ago, i need another pic in the bob
but shes still huge compared to day 2 at home below

baby garden

monster garden (this was actually a month ago - its even more monster now)

monster tomatoes!

baby tomatoes!
finished backyard - isn't it cute?
monster backyard, itsn't it horrible?
nice job on the patio richard!
nice job on the garden me!
the grass is planted thanks to help from papa H.
it is raining so hard right now i doubt even this much is left
the little clumps are from the worms
the grass is really growing around their holes, i think its because they stick to the worms in their travels and get slimed off when they go back underground.
this spot today september 18th
same spot july 3 (late planting due to inclimate weather)
richard cant stand where he is standing there because of recent tracker jacker attacks.
ahhhh most of the backyard is done
same spot under patio construction


Anonymous said...

Nice Yard and Patio, but we need more pictures of Anna. There was not enough of her growing and changing.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the improvement. And Anna is beautiful.