Monday, September 13, 2010

2 month visit

Grandma and Grandpa H came to celebrate Anna's 2 month birthday. Anna loved loung'n around with Grandma while Nicole got stuff done.

Grandpa was a super helper (as usual) we finally got the grass in!!!! This pic is in the front lawn (or what's left of it after we hacked it up to reseed).
After they left we headed straight to the doc. Anna actually didn't do too bad. here's her stats

15.8 pounds & 25 inches

both 100%ile for age

anna compared to the bear - look at the difference in her thankles

Shots: she cried worse when we forgot about her inside while we were working on the backyard a few weeks ago. still brought tears to my eyes though - especially when she looked at me while they were doing it.


Hip Heiner Fun said...

2 x big girls...

Hip Heiner Fun said...

by the way that was andy's comment not mine.
I love the chubby wubby cutie pie!