Tuesday, June 29, 2010

no baby

i am forgetful. according to the doctor the due date was today! i thought it was tomorrow, just like i thought my dr's apt was at 9:30 instead of 9:00 the other day.

So as of midnight we are past due. The Doc says anna/ella is not going anywhere anytime soon (dilated to a one and 50% effaced - same as 2 weeks ago). We scheduled an induction for next wednesday..........pray for the baby to POP! I'm actually hoping for a 4th of july baby. then i can name her independence. No just kidding that would be weird.

My mom gave me some great advice. advice #1 from my mom: take an enema. advice #2 from my mom: have more sex. I am definitely not taking an enema.

Anyone else have great midwife advice?


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry. You're just so uncomfortable and impatient by the end huh? Hopefully you go on your own. I was induced with Logan, and definitely preferred going on my own. But then again w/ my first I didn't know the difference, as you would also be. Yes, your mom's 2nd advice does help things move along, although that is a big akward at this stage eh? You can always try the castor oil thing-eww. My sister swore by swinging. I've also hear the trampoline can get things moving along. Otherwise, I have to say, she'll come when she's ready. I think you'll go on your own before next Wednesday...but who knows. Good luck Nicolie! You can do it!

Hip Heiner Fun said...

Cancel your induction. I know you are uncomfortable and ready to be done, but just let her come when she is ready.

Google Labor Inducing pressure points and have Richard do them.

You could do the nasty castor oil tonic drink grossness.

If Richard is anything like Andy he won't have sex with me to help me get labor started. Plus really at that point you are so uncomfortable sex is the last thing on your mind or something you want to do anyways.

We will pray baby anna/ella will be here soon.

Love you!

Shepherd said...

Labor induction is of the devil. My 25 hours of coercing Savanna out was the worst of my life. If baby is healthy, let her come on her own time. Especially since this is your first. Good luck!!!

Richard and Nicole said...

nelly bo belly - thanks for the tip. I'm hop'n it happens before next wednesday too, but if it doesn't you are right - i wont know the difference!

auntie virginia - thanks for the tips. not sure i can talk richard into that but maybe we'll get bored enough this w/e if nothing exciting happens

Shepherd - good way to think about it! 25 hours - what the what! that's really long Im so sorry. it wasn't that bad with your newest little honey was it?