Monday, June 28, 2010

the day has finally come!!!

My long awaited piece of furniture has arrived!

My dad brought my changing table!!! (fooled ya). It was definitally worth the wait. It is made out of birds eye maple and is cedar inside so it smells really really really good. (i couldn't get a good close up of the birdseye maple drawer fronts). This thing is sturdy. I really want to put it in my room - but as you can see - it came complete with a minky changing table matress and topper so I feel compelled to use it for it's designed purpose. THANK YOU DAD. Ella/Anna is going to love it. Actually, she's not going to care where I wipe her cute little buns - but I love it.

Along with the changing table came my family - including my dear 'ole dad [pictured above balancing on railroad tracks]. It was a delight to have him around. I never knew that he enjoyed exploring as much as I do. We went on a couple of labor inducing walks around the undeveloped parts of sherwood without much success.
Usually when I whip out red lentils for dinner people start asking where the nearest McDonalds is............but my dad said "do you know how long it has been since I had those!!! (in an excited tone)." I've never seen someone eat so many falafel sandwiches in one sitting!! He also made me some homemade ginger ale and of course..............fixed stuff (because that's what he does best). He pulled up my stinky pee carpet, fixed all the squeeks and weak spots in the floor, layed new carpet, fixed some wiring issues in the garage and who knows what else!!! Having my dad visit is like having a visit from the easter bunny. All sorts of good suprises hidden around the house.............THANK YOU DAD FOR THE THINGS I KNOW YOU FIXED AND THINGS I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT YOU FIXED.

It was really sad for me when my mom left - it was nice to talk to her about baby stuff while cooked together and she rubbed all my achy extremities. She kept talking to the baby "come out anna....come out and see your grandma." Well, she never came out. I think it's because my mom was calling her by the wrong name and because it's creepy to talk to your baby when they are still inside. But there is nothing like having your mom around to comfort you when you are nervous about something. And of course - she made me all sorts of good food while she was here. Enchiladas with chicken (i think rich thought he died and went to heaven). And I don't have any nesting left to do because my mom left me with a very very clean house. THANK YOU MOM FOR ALL THE BACK RUBS, FOOT RUBS, SHOULDER RUBS, COMFORTING WORDS and for trying to get anna to come out. Love you and can't wait to consume that freezer jam.

I can't forget to mention the caboose crew that comes along with my mom and dad. Pictured above are my little brother and sister (10 years younger than me). Mostly I was impressed with how content they were just hanging out at my house. I would have been begging my parents to leave the entire time if I was 14 and they drove me 13 hours to sit at my sisters house and do nothing.
I can't believe how tall taylor is getting. And how mature he is for a 14 year old. He was bored one afternoon so he goes "well I think I'll go clean out the van". What 14 year old just decides he is going to go clean out the parents car because he is bored??? I was impressed. He also pulled up the stinky carpet - a really nasty job. Thanks for coming and working so hard taylor. We'll see what we can do about hooking you up with megan when you turn 16 in a year and 1/2. Last but not least is my little sister jill. She made us some killer raspberry ice cream with berries we picked. She is making ella/anna a really pretty hat.......she better hurry up and get it done! She was willing to go swimming with her very pregnant sister and wasn't even embarrased by my makeshift swimsuit (pictured above and center). Now THAT is love (; Thanks for coming and being bored at my house tay tay and chewy monster. I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!!

(we spent a day like this in my kitchen while getting the floors ready for carpet)


Breea and Bryan said...

awe shucks

Isaac said...

Okay, a couple things here:
First, you totally got me, I thought you must have had your baby but it was really some new furniture. Just be glad you didn't have to give birth to that! Next, two questions. Where are you going to go potty (don't worry you'll get to use that word all the time) now that your pee carpet is all gone? And also, are you going to make a post on how to make falafels?

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Remember how you were making fun of how big my belly was at the end...well,,,you're is pretty big too! And in spandex even-wow! :)

How fun to have your family out. Isn't it great to have a lot of help before the baby! It's so nice to get everything all clean and ready. Too bad little Anna/Ella didn't show up yet. Are you overdue now?

I can't wait to see pictures of this pretty little girl! Good luck! I want to hear the whole story after. Maybe I should call you...well actually I'm not sure i have your current number...

Sherpa said...

Between the enchiladas, the changing table, the carpet removing...your family LOVES you guys...and baby what's her name.

The Merkleys said...

my good heck...would ya have that baby already??!