Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Update

Well it really has been rainy up here in the Pacific Northwest. I heard that the May-June rainfall record is already broken and it is still rainy as I speak.

1) Patio Project turned into a swimming pool. If anybody had reservations about coming I am sure you are on your way now we have a new pool.

2) With the wet weather a new flower has imerged in our garden. It is called the
Stick Figure Marigold.

3) Also we have been in war with a new creature.

This is a slime trail. They are all over our flower beds and garden.

The other night we put down a lot of slug bait and now we have slug trails all over followed by dead slugs. I think we won the last battle but as you can see from our Stick Figure Marigolds" the slugs have won a few battles also.

4)The Garden


Andrew said...

Swimming with slugs... fun!

Anonymous said...

Andy is on his way to your house as we speak. How sad for the slugs- they were trying to get away quick but it ended in tradgedy.

the yard looks good- now you just need a little sun!-

Richard and Nicole said...

see you tonight andy, its supposed to be sunny tomorrow so be sure to bring your swimmn trunks! We'll douse the pool in sluggo.