Wednesday, March 17, 2010

taking advange of daylight savings time.....seems fishy to me....

so rich calls home 1:30 Monday and says - HEY! I'm done early in the office! -silent pause- i read his mind(or so i thought) then reply "lets go for a hike"!!

Okay - so after washing my new car and getting snacks and water ready to go I find richard putting the following paraphernalia in my trunk.
If you can't tell, there are fishing shoes, a tackle box and fishing lures back there. I also let him choose the hike and where does he decide we need to go?? Look at the following picture and decide for yourself whether or not Richard had planned on going hiking or going fishing on Monday afternoon. (yes, that is Richard pretending to cast)But he's forgiven. We may as well have gone fishing anyways - with how great of a hiker I am any more. Pregnancy changes a few things that make hiking difficult - like the 20 pound fanny pack that occludes the view of your feet - and the urinary incontinence that make getting into awesome poses for pics rather dangerous. (yup had to pee on a tree before the 2 hour hike was over - and yes, i started out at 150# and am up to 167# after the week at home!)

At any rate it was great to get out into the Oregon wild and see something besides rain and darkness. Even if our driving time equated our hiking time....Hooray for a deceptive husband that got me out of the house. Curses on that doughnut shop in Sandy that was closed after the hike.......I woulda killed for a blueberry fritter.


Anonymous said...

So did Richard catch any fish?

Anonymous said...

I love your 'cool' pose. I think I gained 15 lbs while you were here too- Way to many circle cookies at your shower.
just kidding... about the weight, not the sugar cookies.

Richard and Nicole said...


So Nicole doesn't realize the important details. I still teaching her, but when I checked the proclamation the river was closed so it was just a hike.


Anonymous said...

The pole, the shoes, the box, and the lures look
really familar. I wonder where you got them. Did
the fishing equipment fairy vist you?