Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 stops early and 15 minutes late

When spring manifests iteself in cherry blossoms, I get off the bus 2 stops early and get to work 15 minutes late. The pictures are (from top L to bottom right) 1. the tree of life - aka the most bloomful magnolia I have ever seen 2. The biggest light pink camelia I have ever seen - that thing is like 2 stories high...i LOVE camelias (spelling?) 3. another view of the tree of life- it comes complete with hostas that bloom later in the year! 4. the first azelias I see bloomed every year - so very purple arent they? 5. I swear this is the first rhododendron to bloom in all of oregon every year - they usually wait a few more months before getting too showy (rho-dum-dum as rich calls them) 6. daffodills in the state capitols amazing grow box of perennials (i have never seen a better planned perennial garden - it blooms until december i swear) 7. people commuting to work in front of the capitol mall's cherry blossoms. Oh i am really going to miss my walk to work - alot more than I will miss work (:

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I need to visit in the spring.... LOVE the blossoms!