Sunday, March 28, 2010

the serial groper

We went to the coast saturday. crabbed for a few hours, ate a whole bag of balsamic and sweet onion potato chips while driving the 101 and then went for a little hike.
This is the cascade head. The guidebook said it was not really uphill. But actually I read the wrong hike description and it was uphill the whole way (expect for the way back of course).
On the way up we ran into some girls coming down and I moved out of the way to let them pass. The one girl grabbed my belly and said "are you pregnant??" I just sort of stared at her......and her friend goes "sorry, my friend is the serial'll have to excuse her" (or something like that). Then we each walked in our respective directions. Anyways, they were impressed with my front-packing skills.

But Richard didn't seem as impressed as the strangers. So when we got close to the top and I said "I'm done, its cold, im tired and ready to go back" he didn't seem to care and he kept on going.............Maybe I do want my sister and mom to come to the hospital with me on Anna's birthday! didn't go that much further and he's really nice to his prego wife...thanks for the great weekend babe! (:


Hip Heiner Fun said...

If you are thinking about going natural. I've been there done that and could be there for the support and advocacy you will need during labor. I could come ;)Love you sis!

Michael and Heather said...

I am so jealous you are already hiking!!! It is soooo gorgeous there. We will have to get our baby packs together and go hiking some time!

Anonymous said...

Richard - turn back before he gets to the top, the end, or whatever the goal is? Not very often. LV MOM