Sunday, February 28, 2010

She Decided!!! 'Hallelujah!!

So after over a year of Nicole looking at cars studying what 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars meant, reading the JD power associates and consumer reports, test driving hyundai's, Nissan cube (I said no to that one), Ford fusion, kia's; Nicole threw a curve ball and decided to buy a Toyota Corolla last night. She found a good deal and bought it after only 24 hours (sometimes it takes Nicole longer than 24 hours to buy a pair of pantyhose).

Here is Nicole on her way to work this morning in her new car.

and yes we know have two black Toyota vehicles. I still like mine better.
Luv you Nicole


Isaac said...

Don't worry Nicole, I have trouble making big purchases too. I hope you don't get buyers remorse on this one. The nice thing about getting a Corolla is if you get pulled over you can blame it on "unintended acceleration" ha ha.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful state next week.

Isaac said...

P.S. good call passing on the Cube.

Anonymous said...

Look very snazzy!
Whats with the green grass? WE are envious.

Breea and Bryan said...

I'm glad you passed on the cube because we might not have been able to visit you if you drove something like that. Congrats though! Bryan was hoping that you would talk them down another $4,000 so that we could buy one too. Hooray for new cars.

Sherpa said...

Congratulations! Nice choice!!

Hmm, the Cube is pretty cool looking.

Hip Heiner Fun said...

Way to make the plunge Nicole! Love the new ride. Enjoy it!!!