Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joy's long lost Brother

My brother, dad, and I used to tell my sister that she was adopted because she had red hair. Well we found your long lost brother Joy. Maybe you could get some hair tips. He also kind of looks like Nicole but at any rate he sure looks like a girl.

For those not watching the Olympics (I mean Nicole's family) this is Shaun White Olympic snowboard champion.


Sherpa said...

Oh, this is great! Thanks guys

Shaun White looks hot (for a young guy) with that long red hair.

To clarify---Richard and Steven never said I was adopted until they were quite a bit older...and it wasn't because of my red hair. It's because I'm way more awesome than the rest of the family..that's why I was "adopted"!

Shepherd said...

Shawn White = if Farah Faucet and a red horse had a love child. (Your sis is MUCH cuter than horseface snowboardng punk)

Anonymous said...

Just so you know Richard I did know who the picture of the red headed boy was. I have been watching the Olympics

Hip Heiner Fun said...

Don't faint Richard, but Andy has watched some of the Olympics. He even watched Shaun Whites Gold Victory Run his 2nd Run on the Half Pipe!