Saturday, April 18, 2009

"what do you do here"

-the hospital has been building this tower since i started and it opens next month, exciting...-

The hospital has a birthday lunch every month for the employees. Lucky for me I made it to april (i was pretty sure i would have quit by now). Even though I don't know anyone, I wasn't about to miss out on free food friday, so I swung by.

There were about 15 tables in this room - and I got there late - so I ended up sitting at this table near the door pretty much by myself. There was one other nurse on the end of the table - and while we were making small talk this old man comes and sits next to me.

There was an awkward silence at the table, so I turn to the old man and say "what do you do here?" He laughed and pointed to his name tag that said "Norm Gruber CEO." Nice nicole - - Real Nice.

Turns out he's a real nice guy. But it's funny - at the end of the lunch he gets up in front of every one and asks if there are any questions or concerns. I guess they do this every birthday lunch.

There were some pretty easy questions (where should the clergy park when they come to give blessings, is there going to be motorcycle parking in the new tower, when are we going 100% electronic charting) - and this lady says " if the hospital is trying to promote health - why dont they reimburse health club fees? I work long de da de da.......I need help with this" And Norm says- yeah we'll look into that. nice answer. real nice.


Isaac said...

Smooth Nicole. I wish I could say I have never done anything that embarrassing, but come on, its me!

Richard and Nicole said...

thanks for the reassurance zic! well, you's not like knowing who the CEO is is critical to my job in any way.....