Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend with PaPa Paul

Richard's dad came to see us thursday. Last time he came it was winter and we stayed inside our apartment the WHOLE time - partly because it was snowy and partly because it was dark all the time.

So we're trying to make it up to him. (sorry joy and mom we'll have to make it up to you another time)

On thursday I picked him up from the airport and we drove around lake Oswego

Went to see our garden

and stopped by the tulip farms in woodburn oregon (we forgot the camera since neither or our bosses were there - ie mom and richard).

Then I threatened to make him eat this lentil soup for dinner.

But I thought he might get grumpy if I made him eat his least favorite food (espcially when it looks so nasty and his blood sugar was getting low)......And he was i instead made some yummy chicken stuff.

I had to work friday, so he and richard went fishing at detroit lake.

Visited the oregon state capitol grounds (which are AMAZING in the spring time).

Picked me up from work and we headed to silver creek falls (we actually had the camera at this point in time).

We'de been there in the summer - but the falls are just AMAZING right now when the water is high. i was suprised richard did not reminisce about kayaking.

Then we went out to eat at the Glockenspeil; which is a cool german restaurant in Mt. Angel- a germanish town down by salem. Lucky me they happened to have a fresh local asparagus menu! And I got asparagus bruschetta on amazing bread with bechamel sauce. No weinerschnitzl for me.

Then home it was.

now they are salmon fishing on the Willamette/Columbia ( i dont know - all I know is that it's expensive) and I'm going for a bike ride because its already 53 degrees here and it is going to be a beautiful day! hooray for visitors.


Hip Heiner Fun said...

Andy, Chloe and I need to come visit you guys! Help me convince Andy! Without telling him I told you to convince him.

Sherpa said...

Looks like a great time. The German Restaurant sounds awesome!!

Oblad girl said...

Wow- I want to go to all of these places on our trip in July! Stephen would love the German eatery... and we would both love the pretty hike...

Richard and Nicole said...

Jenn: sounds good - we would love to go back to that restaurant - who knows what their in season menu will be in july (:

Sherpa: now that steven is moving up here, you should too. great buhler family times would ensue

virginia: im working on that....