Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meeting are so funny.

One of the funny parts of having a grown up job is going to meetings. I usually really like them because they give me stuff to laugh about the rest of the day - Starting with the fact that all of us nerdy RD's carry around big old nerdy PDA's that go off at 8:00 reminding us of our meeting (even though we are all in the office together anyways when the meeting starts). BTW - we also carry pagers and wear white lab coats....does it get worse than that?

Oh yeah, and i also like them because I usually learn about things I should start doing and because it gives me an idea of how things work @ the hospital. But sometimes one person talks alot more than they should (not always the same person, it rotates depending on who's got something they are peeved about) and then the meeting becomes a WOT (waste of time).

I'm sure someday, when I actually understand what's going on, that person will be me....but for now I just like to sit back and have a good time watching. Meetings are great.


Smokey said...

I miss the joke.

Richard and Nicole said...

i do too, but it could potentially be a bad thing if my boss or someone similar read it. To read a funny joke on this subject, of which I may or may not have posted earlier, please go to:

Oblad girl said...

Good luck... such is the case with every work-related meeting. You will like my latest post on my blog, by the way- I am expecting great and amazing insights from you!