Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hiking through the city to see an owl.

Although still chilly, thursday was a sunny day. Richard came home early and we drove downtown to go for a hike. yeah, that's right, hiking in downtown Portland. It's amazing how green it is in the winter here. At the end of the hike, there is a bird sanctuary, where I got up close and personal with an owl for about 15 minutes. They are creepy creatures. You would have loved it dad, there is a big tree on the hike, 241 feet to be exact, and it is "thought to be the tallest in any major american city" according to our hiking book. And - no big suprise - I rolled my ankle on the way home. It would have been reminiscent of logan hiking, except that it took us about 45 minutes to get home since we hit rush hour coming out of the city....blahhh. I miss logan hiking.


Andrew said...

From looking just at the pictures it looks like you were trying to re-create the Blair Witch Project.

Richard and Nicole said...

yeah, something similar to that. ready for your tootsie's birthday this w/end?