Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Pea!

I'm baking the cake for your party. We're just having the neighbors over because you like familiar faces and small groups. It's been a wonderful year. I love you TO PIECES. I can't count how many times your cheeks get kissed every day. That must be why they are so rosy. I love a lot of things about you. So here's a little list for my little pea.

You are always happy to see me (I hope this continues your whole life).
You follow me around the house (I could do without a companion at my side during showers and potty time).
You read books like you know what you are doing.
You are very expressive.
You are very brave - good job on walking the past few days!
You are very smart - you know where the milk comes from now and try to lift up my shirt silly gal
You are a great social laugher -
You like to play games if others are playing
You like to watch birds and point at them
You like to eat dirt
You like to eat flowers
You like to eat beans (thank you cousin amber for the beans!)
You like to eat watermelon and corn on the cob.
You like to eat bread
You like to eat whatever I am eating.
Okay, you like to eat everything.
You started using a spoon!! And you love to feed yourself.
You love being outside.
You are an excellent drill sergent when i'm running.
You intently watch people (dad always catches us shamelessly staring at people)
You adore little kids of all shapes and sizes.
You get really shy and bury your face in my chest when meeting new people.
You come running (well crawling really fast) when you hear the skype ring.
You play peekaboo on skype with your aunt breea.
You start clapping anytime someone sings "if you are happy and you know it"
You wave bye bye after people leave.
You dont like to touch dogs, but your face lights up when you see them.
You play well with your friends avrie and zachie. You like to follow them around. Its cute.
You can't go to bed without your binkie. Sometimes its a real rough time for dad and I around bed time when you are screaming b/c we can't find the nuk!
You hate nap time - but not always.
You dont really like the rhymes at babytime, but you do like watching the other babies. last week you went and sat right next to Mrs. Teresa at the beginning of class and I had to go fetch you, that's new!
You are horrible at church. But today I saw your eyes light up when we sang "families can be together forever" because I sing that to you every night. it made my eyes water.
You crawl in the dishwasher.
You help with the laundry by pushing it out to the garage and then pulling all the cleans out of the washer for me!
You help dead head petunias, but sometimes you live - head them.
You like to splash water.
You check yourself out in the thing below the faucet in the tub.
You like the itsy bitsy spider song, i tickle you at the end and you giggle.
You like getting baby sat by Jessie and Brittney Smith. I'm jealous that you snuggle with Jesse more than you snuggle with me!
You wriggle and cry in the car - too restrictive!
Your hair is absolutely beautiful. It's blond and wavy. You are little cherub as Kaelie would say.
You try to put your shoes and socks on yourself.
You insist on standing up in the bathtub.
You have pooped on the floor multiple times - okay that is not something i love.
You have fallen off the bed once and the couch once.
You make a game out of pulling all mine and daddies garments out of the drawers. I don't like that either.
You wake up at 5:30 EVERYMORNING. that habit has got to go. It's summer anna, dont you know?
You go to bed at 7:00 EVERYNIGHT. pretty much anyways. And you can't handle it much later than that.
Your eyes are a beautiful blue.
You lift your eyebrows a lot to tell us you are interested. Its so cute. I find myself doing it now.
You can crawl up the playstructure at the park and go down the slide with me. You need to walk more so you'll stop getting slivers in your hands.
You yelp when i hold you down to get slivers out of your hands.
You can pick strawberries and plop them in your mouth - but I worry about all the dirt that gets in there in the process!
This is weird but I like the way your breath smells.
I do not like the way your poop smells. But I do like how cute and chubby your thighs and buns are!
You still crawl with one leg up, not sure what that's all about.
Sometimes in the morning we put you on the ground while we sleep a little longer. When you come crawling backinto the room your little head pops up from the base of the bed. It is so cute to see your little pea head there.
Sometimes i go in your room after your nap and you are just laying there on top of your blankets hanging out looking out the window.
You try to put your own clothes on.
You like to crawl on the base of excersaucers.
Your movements are fast and jerky like a bird sort of.
You can put down a sippy of whole milk like nobody's business.
When I tell you something is "no no" you just do it faster.
You romp around in the grass.
You are beautiful.
and most importantly
you are a daughter of god.

He loves you. I love you. Daddy loves you. You are going to be with us forever. We are so blessed to have you and have learned so much from you already. I can't wait for the rest of forever.

Thank you for coming to us......

happy birthday pea pea.


Liv said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Because yes, this day is just as much about the mama as it is about the baby.

pbuhler5 said...

Happy Birthday Anna-We love you very much-Grandma and Grandpa Buhler

amylynn said...

I'm crying because that was just so sweet.

Kristin said...

That was so sweet Nicole! Their little personalities are so fun!