Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 1- Sherwood to Roseburg

A few weeks ago we decided we are going to go on weekend camping trips to some of the cool places nearby (ok not really close but not more than one state away). Last fall we went to Eastern Oregon (approx 825 miles) and it was my choice so over the 4th it was Nicole's choice and we went to the Redwoods(approx 750 miles). Thursday night after work we took off and headed toward Northern California. The idea was to travel as much as possible while Anna was asleep. So after meeting some not so happy people because of their current life situation (i.e. Fast food workers, campground host) we made it to Douglas county fairground campground. It was a eleven o'clock and we were halfway to the Redwoods.
Not the most scenic campground but anything works at 11 o'clock

Anna eating her staple for the trip hard boiled eggs.

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This section is if for our memory. Don't feel obligated to read. It was like ten o'clock and we needed to stop because we were getting tired. We decided to stop at Pass Creek Park near Cutlin Oregon. The book said it had a 7 rating. We find the campground but when we go to pick our site out we open the door it sounded like a dance party. We looked over at this tent and there were two people really dancing in a tent. Then these two hippie looking people come over and say "hey you guys might want to move over there because it gets kind of loud and a bunch of us stay up pretty late." We drive over to the other spot and as were going he says "Thanks thats gangsta" We decided we would try the other side of the campground. On our way we ran into the camp host. She looked like life had been a bit rough on her. I asked if we could camp in the RV section and she says, "There will be no tents in my RV section." We were like ok but it is really loud over there and nobody is in the RV section. Then she said" But if you go park in number 4 and move your tent on the other side of the bushes that would be not be in the RV section" I was a bit confused but Nicole was really confused at this point because number 4 was in the RV section, and she had just told us not to be in the RV section. But then I realized she was telling us where to camp so she wouldn't get in trouble. We go over there but now we could still hear the dance party and the freeway. The camp host comes back and I say I don't think we are going to stay. She says, "What you don't like the company. I don't know what I did wrong in life, but this summer I have been blessed to have 70 Magazine Subscription Sellers." "I get to clean up after them all summer." (bathrooms) So come to find out the lady was pretty nice. She said that the kids stay at her campground during the summer and sell magazine subscriptions door to door in the surrounding communities. They have been coming for the last 5 years but usually there are only about 40 but this summer she has been blessed with 70.

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