Friday, August 28, 2009

The trees are blushing because pretty soon they are going to be naked.

Its weird to not be going back to school. Hooray for a great summer full of intruders...just kidding........ I had to beg ya'll to come!'s a few of my fav pics

oops, didn't run quiet fast enough

indian beach at sunset
cute little boy in a meadow. where's bruno and lady?
wow. that restaurant was amazing.
thanks for sharing your great aunt's beach steve. i like this picture of me. it's weird.

nothing better than little people and gardens
until they get stung by a wasp.......(i found a wasp nest over by that hose amy....)
"is your family eveeeerrrr going to leave?"
mirror mirror on the wall....i am my mother after all.....and yeah...we both have to pee
chewy monster.....and richard kissing cousin IT

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Anonymous said...

Poor Evan got a new bump on his nose today to replace the bee sting- something about Amber teasing him and him falling... Don't know, I wasn't around. Looks like you had a great summer though... scary monster with wide eyes and big teeth included.