Wednesday, August 26, 2009

good news bad news

what do you want first? good news or bad news. how about some words with both and you can figure it out from the pictures.

bike hair richard crash nicole short elbow cut road rash railroad tracks free

Richard crashed on his bike while riding over railroad tracks and got some serious road rash.
tempting fate 1 year 3 months of bike commuting with no crashes.

I got a free hair cut in the mail, decided to go really short and i love it.
i was worried it wasn't going to turn out well because i passed 2 black cats on the way to work this morning.


Anonymous said...

now you really look like a mountian woman or one with nature

Richard and Nicole said...

thanks (: cuz richard definiately looks like a mtn man.

Anonymous said...

um... brown hair + brown background + picture = bad idea