Sunday, February 1, 2009

grocery shopping.

I had to work Saturday, so Richard was the wife for a day and went to the grocery store all alone. (after fishing for salmon all morning)

this is what he says:

"it was horrible. people everywhere. no room to push cart. not knowing where anything is. walking around in circles looking for ginger. 1 hour + 15 minutes. then I thought....the only way this could be worse is if I had a screaming baby sitting here in the cart."
I had a good laugh over that one. He even had a list, organized according to Winco's layout, which had exact amounts of everything, so that he didn't have to even think while he was there.

I did a quick google for men and grocery shopping, and I found this hilarious article - It was long, but here's bits and pieces - It was written by Lisa Hunt Warren.:

Men have difficulty buying the small-sized items, even when they've been requested to buy small. Men are taken in with their understanding of unit pricing, but they also like to buy huge quantities of things so they won't have to return to the store too soon. Women often know they would pay less per unit if they bought the huge load of whatever it is, but women often also know that the family won't eat that much soon enough; and a lot of wasting will occur. Women (often the house-keepers of the family) are also not thrilled to have huge-sized packages of things that require finding yet more storage space.

Men may know how to run to the baby formula, grab the diapers, run to the orange juice, and then go get a head of lettuce. They will postpone finding that unusual item until they have picked up the items they've managed to master. (Speaking of orange juice - always specify whether you want pulp or don't. Men don't usually know to look at the pulp factor.) Once men get the familiar stuff they will then try to tackle the odd item they've never been asked to buy before. ("Wondra? What's Wondra?" "A Hershey bar? They don't have Hershey bars. They only have whole bags of little Hershey candies. I'll get a whole bag." "Teriyaki sauce? I wonder if that's the same as soy sauce. Hey, look - they have low sodium soy sauce. That's probably better. I'll get that." "I don't see chicken rice soup, but there's chicken noodle. That must be what she meant." )

I think that pretty much sums it up. That's why you gotta make a detailed list. (:


Isaac said...

Also, most of us manly mens don't know what EVOO is. I do, but that is just because I am an enlightened manly man.

Sherpa said...

Richie, you should've worked at a grocery store instead of farming in high school. Then you'd know where the ginger was.

Richard and Nicole said...

ZIC - you should invite us to your blog. if not we're not going to let you look at ours. im not sure how to do that - but IM WARNING YOU.

Joy - richard agrees, especially since working at the IGA would make him a better bagger (you have to bag your own groceries @ winco)

Oblad girl said...

That's absolutely hilarious. I can't tell you how many times Steve has spent HOURS grocery shopping, going to different stores, trying to find stuff I need to make all the stuff I cook and bake. SO FUNNY.

Richard and Nicole said...

glad you enjoyed it jenn - i thought for sure if anyone could relate, it would be you and steve-o. (:

Jessica said...

Hilarious! I could picture that scene of Richard shopping perfectly...