Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buyers remorse us decide

I suffer from chronic buyers remorse. Any time I buy something expensive (meaning over 50 dollars) that I am pretty sure we can live without .... I pretty much want to take it back.

What do you think about our new rug? To keep or not to keep? I think it needs to be a greenish color or a dark red. Richard likes the blue - - I think that is only because it matches his BYU pillows.


Sherpa said...

The rug coordinates with accents in the room, but it doesn't "snap," it just blends into the background. You're right, a green or red rug would work better.

I don't know if you have World Market out there, but they had a very similar rug about this size for less than a hundred bucks in a nice red and a grass green (but a little darker than grass green). (We're shopping for rugs too.)

Bryan said...

Its just so-so in my opinion. It does match the pillow nicely and the blue blanket on the armchair. I say flip a coin, head = keep, tail = take back.

Richard and Nicole said...

joy- thanks for the tips - we'll have to find a world market

bry bry - thanks for the problem solving idea - but I just can't let a coin decide ~100$ of rug.