Friday, October 8, 2010

coos bay, conference, chores

anna helping with the baking.
anna is a terrific mopper.
richard at a lighthouse near coos bay

beach near coos bay

shore acres state park (inside are all the following pictures of flowers)

large petrified tree stump @ shore acres state park

anna loves the ocean vistas
look at that grin! she did a serious poopy right after this picture - where is her sock?
happy baby!
lov'n the dahlias
check out the lighthouse in the background. it was a little cold for the beach.

"watching" conference


Puffer Love said...

We love Coos Bay!! you guys are great! We need to get together and do something!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Wow-Coos Bay is beautiful! How fun to live in such a beautiful place.

Jessica and Bronson said...

We went to Coos Bay a couple of spring breaks ago. Oh... I want to go back! I love ocean vistas too! How fun! Anna is so cute!