Wednesday, May 12, 2010

always learning.

its been a good couple of weeks.

we went to birth class where we learned new things. I learned that richard is going to be a great "support person" (the PC term for your husband) we are considering making t-shirts for Team Buhler.

we didn't live here last may and we have learned that the previous owner loved pink. maybe it was a premonition that we are having a girl. but seriously, lots of pink going on here.

i also learned that i look huge in that dress. but not im not yet as huge as the trellis richard made for me (which is soon to be covered in black eye susan vine)

last night I learned that getting unexpected late birthday present TOTALLY ROCKS! especially since it is associated with my favorite! (thanks joy - what better present is there for a pregnant lady than an ice cream maker??)oh yeah - and we've also learned that building a patio produces lots of dirt. with my days off I made this flowerbed along the front lawn. richard bought me some purple flowers for mothers day that we stuck in there. If you can take your eyes off my hunk of a husband you will note the most beautiful pink tree in the background. its a dogwood. we love it.


Andrew said...

Got to love the pink.

Sherpa said...

Oh good, I'm glad it came. The ice cream recipe in "How to make Everything" is great, especially if you use cornstarch instead of eggs.

Anonymous said...

Plain yogurt, fresh fruit, half & half, and sweetener. Yum, yum.

Michael and Heather said...

You make such a cute pregnant lady!!

Anonymous said...

Amber is sitting here with me and she saw the picture of Richard and said: "I like that guy. He is my friend." Then I scrolled down and she said, "Is that Aunt Nicole? She lives far away, she give that elephant to me." So funny.

Love the pink. Love the garden. Love you guys

Kelby York said...

You need a Pink dress so you can play hide and go seek

Richard and Nicole said...

andy: you going to come help us dig the back yard this summer?

sherpa: oh my yes, it made it. what a lovely suprise. we will be making ice cream thinking about making meringue cookies today - so we just might use the yolks.

heather: thanks! i love that you update your blog all the time now!! cute

amylynn: oh that makes me smile. gavin wont remember if you bring her instead of him. amber bamer isour favorite (shh)

kelby: good idea! we've got plenty of pink for baby - wonder if i could fit into one of those onsies....okay probably not.

Isaac said...

I'm glad you pointed out the dogwood in that last picture, my eyes just locked on Richard and I couldn't see anything else!