Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 signs you are a tight wad.

Sign #1
Your heater works, but it's colder inside your house than it is outside.

Sign #2
You are 5'9 and 5'10 and you still sleep on a full sized bed.

Sign #3
You reduced your garbage can to the smallest size possible to save 2$ a month (our garbage can is about 5' tall and only holds 2 kitchen size garbage bags).

Do you have anything to add to the list?


Breea and Bryan said...

#1 - true
#2 - true (6'4 and 5'4 full bed)
#3 - trailer trash = community dumpster
#4 - continue to wear tennis shoes that have holes in them

Anonymous said...

I confirm that it was colder inside your house than outside, just ask Bartel.

Richard and Nicole said...

i did not realize you are fullers bry bry!

well i hope that wont deter bartel from returning. he was our favorite house guest. we know that won't deter Mr. Anonymous from coming.

Janette said...

Here a couple Rich may or may not have inherited from Grandma:
1. Cut the butter and sugar in cookie reipes up to a 1/3.
2. Save all envelopes and other junk mail to use as scratch paper.
3. Unless it gets super disgusting, just refold used tissue and keep in your purse for future uses. It dries...

Anonymous said...

I hope richard passed on no. 3

Richard and Nicole said...

oh wow. yeah - we don't do #3, but rich does leave the junk mail out.....but no to be thrifty....that's lazyness. does that work with cookies? iw ould think they would be less - good. silly grandma!

Sherpa said...

Cookies? Yes, if I remember right.

Grandma also:

Used empty containers (cool-whip/margarine) to store food. Many of these containers were old.

Would always give us a half stick of gum

Use recycled grocery bags to protect her hair if it was rainy or wet

I know there's more, but that's just what I came up with right now.

I remember the used Kleenexes. She'd often offer it to me as I was a runny nose kid. It was gross.

Smokey said...

Those are all good but I remember the time grandma's basement flooded and three or 4 big packages of toilet paper got wet. She had us take out all the rolls and dry them on top of her shed for a few days. Then of coarse they were used for the next few summers in the bathroom.