Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i usually wash my hair every three days.

Yes, its true. A little tip I picked up from celebrity gossip radio (aka the news) on the way to work. But this week I had to wash my hair two nights in a row. I am really sensitive to smells and I hate it when my hair smells like fire. So after the sesame seeds I was toasting in the oven lit on fire tuesday night......I had to wash my hair. Good thing I had about 2 pounds of extra sesame seeds in the freezer to finish my recipe (thank you amy's friend!).

While I was freaking out in the kitchen, richard ran back to the computer room. He needed to ask google whether it was baking soda or baking powder you are supposed to put on grease fires. (we have a kitchen fire extinguisher....but we didn't want to clean up that mess....real logical huh?) This is what he came up with while smoke was pooring out of the oven vent and filling up the kitchen.

From how to stop an oven fire
1. Close the oven door to cut off the oxygen supply.
2. turn off the oven
3. leave the house immediately
4. call 911 if you cannot put out the fire

Our question was: If you are outside of the house, how do you know if you put out the fire?

It is unfortunate that when I made pumpkin muffins this morning they made the house smell like burnt sesame seeds instead of pumpkin pie ): Another bad smell to add to the house.


Anonymous said...

It does look you inherited some of your mothers cooking habits.

amylynn said...

You can add that to the list of things you can do with seasame seeds- take it camping as fire starter.
love it!!!

Oblad girl said...

Oh MAN! That will be funny to look back on, I promise.