Sunday, June 28, 2009

the story of saturday.

Table Mountain: columbia gorge

Nicole: "hey richard, it looks nice up there"

Richard: "yeah it does, let's climb up those rocks and lay in that meadow"
Richard: "okay, you first up the rocks!"
Random european lady: "this hike is two notches above kick a**"

Nicole: "rich, wait for me, i wanted to be first climbing out of the jungle and into the meadow, it's not fair that you made me carry the backpack"
Rich: "and im climbing the stairway to heaven...."

Rich: "wow, look at that view of Mt. Hood and the Boneville Dam!"
Nicole: "glad we're not down there.....i hate visiting the dam"

Nicole: "yikes, that's a big drop off"
Richard: "im not scared of heights hurry up you baby"

Nicole: "im getting dizzy on this ridge!"

Richard: "are we home yet????!"


Isaac said...

Wow, are all your conversations that cool? And do they always include a random European lady? Looks like a fun hike. Also, one more question, what is the deal with Bonneville dam?

Oblad girl said...

That rock spill looked like the rock spill in Adam's Canyon- though it wasn't to smart of us to actually try to climb that thing...