Tuesday, May 19, 2009

house update

Hi Richard and Nicole,

It’s a good thing we had the sewer inspection. There are all kinds of problems and the line needs to be replaced.

It sounds like they’ll fix the ceiling, but not do the other repairs. They said they will only take care of lender required repairs, which the sewer should be. I’ll work on getting estimates to the bank and keep you posted about what they say.

I’ve attached the receipt for the inspection. It’s kind of hard to make out exactly what it says. We’ll mail you the hard copy as well as the DVD. Can you please send payment to the inspector? Their address is on the receipt. Let me know if you have any questions.


Ryan Kofman, Broker

Axness & Kofman Real Estate


Richard and Nicole said...

the inspection report, which is really hard to make out - says "minor root intrusion, leak in line, settlement of line, deterioration of line" and then is checked - line needs to be replaced. I'm glad our real estate agent recommended getting that checked out! buying a house......what a pain.

Sherpa said...

Yeah, definitely!