Sunday, August 17, 2008

Florist By Design

This nice lady in my ward had an enrichment night where she taught us how to arrange flowers. Naturally, I forgot about it, but she was nice enough to save me some flowers and a piece of foam core to make my own arrangement. Here is how they turned out. I think that my ma ma's creativeness has flowed into my cells - thus making me a florist by design. Richard thinks the one in the ice cream dish looks like a funeral spray and that the short one looks like a "grandma arrangement" So much for becoming a florist instead of the dreaded clinical RD that I have become.....What do you think mom?


Sherpa said...

My brother is a mean, mean man.
Have you seen him draw? He has no artistic sense. (you do have fashion sense rich, I'll give you that).
They look lovely.

Spenny and Nellie Morris (Mo town) said...

Very impressive! I always knew you were very talented! Maybe you should start a side business.

The Neeley's said...

Nichole! I think they are beautiful!!! you have to come to Utah and teach me